Brand Ambassadors Wanted

Brand Ambassadors Wanted

Eiger Protection is looking for brand ambassadors in the UK & across Europe to share and promote our products in all your adventures, whether big or small!
We are looking for a diverse group of people who already consistently share their passions online.

Do you like outdoor activities such as cycling, hiking or skiing? Maybe you’re into cooking or crafting? Do you love gadgets and tech? Or do you prefer films, books or photography? Perhaps you just enjoy sharing your zest for life? It might even be something else. Let us know if you’d like our screen protectors and cases to keep your devices safe while you’re doing your thing!
You don’t need to have a massive following or a super polished online presence, we are just looking for people that are consistently active on social media and can share and talk about the benefits of our great products and grow with us.


Free Eiger products to fit your devices, phones, tablets, Airpods etc. + accessories to fit the devices of a member of your household if they have different devices to you, i.e. the kids iPad, Airpods etc.
Free products/vouchers to enable you to run giveaways & competitions.
You will be featured in our social media feeds.
You will receive your own unique discount code which when used in our web-shop will give your friends/followers 20% off and earn you 20% commission on the value of sales*
£50 voucher redeemable for 12 months in the Eiger web shop*.   *commissions & vouchers are issued at the end of the agreed term.

What do we need from you?

So what would we like from you, as an Eiger brand ambassador?

Social Media Posts 

We’d like to see content about the products you’ve received, for example: 

  1. Unboxing. 
  2. Fitting & installation of products. 
  3. Products in use (you may have to get creative here so you might need a camera or another device such as an iPad to photograph your phone).
  4. If appropriate, examples of when our products have protected your device. 
  5. Run a giveaway or competition with specified products (we can provide you with free Eiger products for this). 
  6. Allow us to repost & share your content. We do not guarantee sharing all content.
  7. All posts must include your personal discount code. 
  8. Post must include links to our web-shop or Instagram/social media profile as appropriate. 

Frequency & Duration 

Of course, the more you post the better – this will increase your chances of earning commissions! But as a minimum, we’d like to see at least 1 post or video every couple of weeks – a minimum of 4 posts over 2 months. 

Platforms & formats 

Content can be in any of these formats, in order of preference: 

  1. Instagram (Grid posts, stories, IGTV, reels). 
  2. YouTube video unboxing, installation etc. 
  3. Website or blog posts. 
  4. Facebook posts & stories. 
  5. Twitter tweets. 


Simply fill out this form: Eiger Brand Ambassador Application

…and email it to us


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