The Eiger Environmental Commitment

The Eiger Environmental Commitment

Our main environmental objectives are to reduce CO2 emissions and minimise waste. The actions we will apply to achieve these objectives can be divided into three categories:

  • Packaging
  • Transportation
  • Employee working

Our Current Actions


We use as little packaging as possible for our products, this has the following benefits:

  • Less Material = Smaller/lighter packaging for shipping (more information in Transportation section).
  • Less Material = reduces the amount of raw materials extracted from the Earth and the resulting carbon emissions emitted during the manufacturing process.

The upcoming, new Eiger packaging which is required to properly protect our products can be recycled and will include no single use plastic, minimising waste in landfills. 


Eiger products are transported via sea cargo (instead of air). Emissions used in this form of transportation are much lower, reducing our products carbon footprint.

In addition, as was mentioned earlier, using less packaging material for our products means that they take up as little space and are light as possible when transported. This ensures maximum efficiency as more products can be shipped in one go, reducing carbon emissions.

Employee working

The option to flexible work is a benefit for both our employees as well as the environment. The choice to work from home means fewer people commuting to the office each day, and as a result, less congestion is likely to be on the roads. This helps reduce our carbon footprint.


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