Which Tablet or iPad Case?

Which Tablet or iPad Case?


A tablet or iPad is usually an expensive investment so it makes sense to protect your device from damage caused to the screen and frame from drops and knocks. Eiger offer a range of cases including ruggedized, full body, waterproof and smart folio styles. Read on to discover the perfect Eiger case for your device.



The Eiger Peak Tablet Collection

Our Peak cases offer multi-layer protection to ensure the safety of your iPad. There are two ruggedized products in the range: The Peak 500m, Peak 2000m.The flexible silicone outer shell with thicker round corners provides excellent rugged protection for your device and keeps it safe from bumps, drops and spills. Shock proof and shatter resistance design greatly enhances safety, especially when used indoors where the floors may be tiled, for example.

The Peak 3000m is a full body case. A glass free design, with a built in screen protectors and fully sealed ports to ensure it's water resistant.

All cases include a strap.


The rotating stand is a key feature of the Peak 500m and 2000m tablet cases as it allows unlimited viewing angles for maximum comfort when reading, typing or just watching favourite tv shows or YouTube channels. Incredibly useful for hands free Zoom, FaceTime and other types of conference calls. Additionally, it’s also an invaluable feature whilst your children are doing schoolwork, homework or home learning.


Peak 500m


Our Peak 500m case offers multi-layered protection and an anti-dust cover for a fashionable look whilst providing excellent rugged protection for your device and ports.

With 360-degree rotatable kickstand, adjustable hand strap and shoulder strap, it is a great addition to your device.

The case has been designed and tested to withstand drops from 3m (9.8ft).


Peak 2000m

The Peak 2000m is our premium clear protection tablet case.

Multi-layered protection and anti-dust cover as is displayed in the Peak 500m, but features clear aspects for a more minimalist look whilst still providing excellent rugged protection.

Also includes the 360-degree rotatable kickstand, shoulder strap and adjustable hand strap.

The case has been designed and tested to withstand drops from 2m (6.5ft).


Peak 3000m

The Peak 3000m is an all-weather protective case which has been made to withstand up to 30 minutes of submersible time under water to a depth of 1m/3ft and to handle drops up to 2m/6ft.

This product gives you the premium protection but without the bulk of many rugged cases.

The fully sealed and clean design also ensures complete dust and dirt protection as well as an easily wipeable surface for anti-bacterial cleaners. In built screen protection will ensure your screen remains resistant to scratches. An anti-slip grip minimises the chance of dropping and damaging your tablet.

However, if you have decided that you require less protection and a sleeker, more lightweight case, you may prefer our Storm 1000m tablet case.

Storm 1000m

Our Storm 1000m case is an elegant addition to the tablet protection range. It features reliable protection for the front and back of your device with a folding folio cover. Perfect if you’re looking for a smarter, more professional look.

Reliable shock proof case has a tri-fold front cover, equipped with a powerful magnetic lock. The case has raised protective edges to help keep your device safe from knocks & drops.

A hollow cell network provides compressive strength whilst minimising size & weight, resulting in excellent lightweight protection for your tablet without adding bulk.

man in suit using ipad with eiger storm folio case

The three-way folding front cover can be triangulated to elevate the screen or use the integrated kickstand for a more upright position. Perfect for reading, replying to emails or even watching films.

The adjustable shoulder strap can be added or removed quickly and easily with a couple of clicks, making using your device whilst on the go, extra safe and convenient.


Only the Peak 3000m tablet case comes with screen protection, the rest of our tablets require an additional screen protector for all round device safety. Browse our range of premium tempered glass and glass free screen protectors here.



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