Key Features

100,000 Hour Warranty

The goal of our screen protectors is to protect your device’s screen by absorbing and dissipating the force of any knock or impact, this may result in the screen protector cracking whilst keeping your smartphone’s screen intact.

Your Eiger screen protector is covered by a warranty effective from the date of purchase. The warranty covers manufacturing and workmanship defects only. Please see our Warranty Page for full terms and conditions.

Bubble Free

Eiger glass products are designed to be applied with the minimum of effort. One push application with superior glue will adhere leaving no bubbles.

Please allow up to 6 hours for the glass to settle and all bubbles to disappear.

We do recommend applying in a dust free environment with the use of the Eiger cleaning kit.

Easy Glue

Eiger use the most advanced glues to ensure excellent adhesion to the device.

Level 7

Eiger glass is tested according to the Mohs mineral hardness scale from 1 to 10 for determining scratch protection.

This is a more accurate method to determine scratch resistance rather than the more commonly used 9H pencil test.

Recyclable Packaging

All packaging is made from paper card and /or other recyclable or biodegradable components.

Mountain Glass Camera Lens Protector

The Eiger Mountain Glass Camera Lens Protector is crafted from high-quality tempered glass and delivers excellent scratch and shock protection for your camera.  

Key Features

    • Case friendly.
    • Easy, bubble free installation.
    • 100% recyclable cardboard box, protective paper bag and cleaning kit*.
    • Glass made from at least 42% recycled glass from pre-consumer glass sources. Pre-consumer glass is produced from factory waste created in production.
    • New Eco cleaning kit included.
    • 100,000 Hour (10 year) Eiger warranty.
In the box:
    • 1 x Mountain Glass Camera Lens Protector.
    • 1 x Application Instructions.
    • 1 x Eco Cleaning Kit.

Case Friendly.

This product can be used with most phone cases. Perfect for use with Eiger Grip, Grip Stand, North Folio, Ice Grip, Mountain Air, Glacier and North Cases.  

Premium Quality & Strength as Standard

Eiger camera lens protector is precisely cut out to fit your back camera lens, enhances your device protection without compromising HD clarity photos and videos. It is also compatible with the camera flash.  

Eco Cleaning Kit (100% Recyclable*)

To ensure a secure, dust, bubble, and lift-free installation, we provide our new and improved Eco cleaning kit. It includes a 100% recyclable RPET cleaning cloth and an anti-bacterial wet wipe with a dust removal sticker that is made of paper and toxic-free glue.  

Eiger 100,000 Hour Warranty

Eiger is committed to quality and offer a 100,000-hour (10 year) warranty for manufacturing defects in materials or workmanship. A replacement will be issued should your Eiger Mountain Glass Screen Protector be faulty**. *Please adhere to local recycling rules and regulations. **Deliberate or accidental damage and normal wear and tear is not covered under the warranty.