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Eiger's New Range of Screen Protectors with Kastus® Antiviral & Antibacterial Technology as Standard

Posted by Carl Wood on
screen protector with anti bacterial and viral properties being placed on device with viruses floating around

Eiger’s new tempered glass screen protectors powered by Kastus® Sustainable Hygiene™

We are delighted to announce that our next gen tempered glass screen protectors are designed with Kastus’ Sustainable Hygiene surface treatment built in as a new standard. With an initial focus on mobile devices, the new range is planned to launch on 7th February 2022.

Kastus’ patented antiviral + antibacterial surface treatment enables us to better protect our customers. This unique, self-sanitising technology is maintenance free and permanently embedded during manufacturing to help screen protector surfaces stay protected 24/7 for their lifetime. Kastus-enhanced screen protectors are proven in independent labs to continuously deactivate >99% of harmful bacteria and viruses including human coronavirus, Influenza A (a cause of seasonal flu) and Rhinovirus (cause of the common cold).

screen protector with anti bacterial viral properties

Speaking of the new partnership our Managing Director John Willoughby, said:

“At Eiger, we are on a mission to design and deliver innovative, disruptive products and accessories that either solve a problem or add unique features. We value our partnership with Kastus greatly. Their patented, sustainable coating technology has allowed us to produce what we believe is the finest antiviral and antibacterial glass screen protectors available."

"There was always a need to protect mobile and other electronic devices from bacteria and viruses. The pandemic has broadened and accelerated that demand further and will continue to be at the forefront of our minds."

Darragh O’Connor, Kastus VP of Global Marketing said:

“The global team at Kastus is delighted to announce our new screen protector partnershp with the Eiger brand - enabling millions of new mobile phone users to enjoy hassle-free, maximum protection  against viruses and bacteria. Powered by Kastus technology,  Eiger‘s next generation products now deliver a uniquely relevant antiviral + antibacterial screen protection solution to smartphone consumers when it’s needed most. We look forward to a long and successful partnership with John’s team and the Eiger brand, and helping the World to better fight against the ongoing spread of pathogens.” 



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